The Weight of Love explores the love and relationships between a group of friends as they move between Ireland and London. The story jumps between 1995 and 2018 as we follow their lives and loves. The relationship between Ruth and Robin, Ruth and Joseph, Robin and Joseph make up the main storyline.

Ruth Lennon, from a solid Irish upbringing has escaped to London in search of well, she is not sure. A lost wandering soul she is bereft after the death of her Dad. Working as a teacher’s assistant she meets Robin who immediately falls in love with her.  Then one evening at an after works session she meets Joe, Joseph Kazargazof and their lives are changed forever. Joe, also struggling with an overbearing parent is a talented artist. The attraction is instant. Powerless, Robin watches on as the girl he loves and his best friend begin a passionate and turbulent affair.

We are slowly but beautifully pulled into their lives, their inner thoughts as the book switches seamlessly between each character. It’s like having three friends and following what they do with their relationships.

For lovers of Maggie O’Farrell or Sally Rooney this is a beautiful portrayal of relationships and friends.

Doubleday Ireland/£13.99/ 9781781620458 Published 12th March 2020

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