Mountain Can WaitWith vivid descriptions of the cold and harsh landscape this is an absorbing read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Tom is struggling to show his emotions, loves his children but unable to tell them he loves them and the gulf that forms between them leads to disastrous consequences.  You feel for Tom, his trauma, the life he has had to cope with and you really want to reach out to him, tell him is ok to cry and say I love you to his son and daughter.

Leipciger’s writing is magnificent and as the reader you can feel the landscape overpowering life around it, the mountains are the boss with the scenes in the camps coming to life and enabling you to feel you an in the middle of this harsh wilderness.

Set in a stunning but scarred Canadian landscape, THE MOUNTAIN CAN WAIT is a story of fathers and sons and the heartache they cause each other, in the tradition of Annie Proulx. Tom Berry has always been a loner, a man content to live out his days in the wilderness with just enough ammunition and kerosene to last out the winter. A single father, he has raised his children with the same quiet and absolute dedication he brings to his forestry business, but now he’s discovering that might not have been enough. When his son, Curtis, on the brink of adulthood, disappears after a tragic accident, it falls to Tom, the hunter, to track him down. Whether he can truly reach Curtis is another matter.

Tinder Press/ 9781472223920/£7.99 Paperback is published 1st March 2016

Sarah will be appearing at Dulwich Books in a Tinder Press celebration on Thursday 3rd March.

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