Hurley Makers SonLoose yourself in another world by reading this warm and engaging memoir. Patrick Deeley’s writing takes us back to a time that no longer exists in rural Ireland as he remembers fondly his childhood in Foxhall, County Galway.

Deeley’s beautifully paced prose captures the rhythms, struggles and rough edges of a rural life that was already dying even as he grew. This is an enchanting, beautifully written account of family, love, loss, and the unstoppable march of time.

His reminiscing’s brought back many wonderful memories for me with descriptions of covering schoolbooks in wallpaper, christening a piece of machinery after Wanderly Wagon, walking Dun Laoghaire pier or collecting holy water for his Ma. I loved the image of Dickie Rock playing football on the GAA pitch before a match. Deeley did have a warm and happy childhood but one without affection which I think was similar for most Irish families in the 1960’s and 70’s.

This memoir is about the passing of the natural life, that its nothing to be afraid of. It is about an old world that will never be replaced and that life is not about the material or the object rather about how you live your life to give you contentment.


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