If I had a pound for every publisher information sheet that arrived into the bookshop that shouted “the next Gone Girl” I’d be wealthy.
However I am very happy to assure you that The Girl On Train is a worthy successor to both Gone Girl and Before I Go To Sleep as it lures you into the plot of what has happened to each of the main characters. This is a fast paced, psychological thriller that will change your commute forever. With only four main characters: Megan, Anna, Rachael and Tom who at one time or another all lived on the same street this could not only be made into a film, but also a stage play.

The book is very well written with a great description of the pain Rachel went through not be able to get pregnant or in the police interview where she is not drunk (this time).

The first half is centred on Rachel and Megan and you feel you have that sussed when Anna joins the plot and the story darkens around drink, manipulation and bullying.

By page 257 you know who the killer is, so if I had a comment at all is that is probably too early to keep the suspense going, however that’s a harsh criticism and should not distract from this debut crime thriller which is sure to be a bestseller in 2015.


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