the-bird-tribunalIntriguing and gripping from the start this psychological thriller will play on your mind, test your perceptions and leave you feeling uncomfortable. All the elements that a lover of scandi noir is looking for are in The Bird Tribunal.

When Allis leaves her job following the exposure of a relationship with her boss she applies for the job as housekeeper and gardener in remote house on an isolated fjord. Her employer, Baggie, turns out to be a perfectly able youngish man whose wife is away. Or is she? As the story develops Baggie’s explanations along with physical evidence around the house do not add up and Allis becomes increasingly paranoid about what is happening.

Baggie has created an eerie and scary atmosphere playing on Allis’s insecurities that chills you. Ravatn has a wonderful way of describing the scenes in great detail such as when they are having gin drinks down by the lake.

The Bird Tribunal is a stunning tale of how one person can control another mind, set up a scenario that looks innocent for it to become life threatening.

Orenda Books/8.99/9781910633359

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