sirensSharp, tense and dramatic are words that sprang to mind when reading this brilliantly assured debut novel from Joseph Knox. And I am expecting to read more and meet Aiden Waits in many more novel.

Featuring Detective Aiden Waits who is caught stealing drugs from evidence, he is blackmailed into an undercover operation which him to the centre of Manchester’s drug scene. He spends his nights tailing The Franchise, a sophisticated gang operating out of the city’s booming bar culture, but when David Rossiter, a powerful member of parliament, discovers that his runaway teenage daughter has turned up in their custody – everything changes. Isabelle Rossiter has joined the dangerous world of the sirens, the young women who go from bar-to-bar collecting drug money for The Franchise.

With The Franchise run by Zain Carver, Waits gets into the centre of his organization only to discover

I loved the sharp writing, the relentless pace, the to and fro conversations, the occasional humour and the violence is old fashioned Chandler style.  Waits bring Manchester to life and wonderfully portrays the atmospheres and nightlife.  What is also great is that it is a step away from the current batch of psychology thriller, which I do also love. But this is a good old fashioned crime story brilliantly written.



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