Roisin Burns has spent the last twenty years becoming someone else. The secrets she has kept since she was a naive schoolgirl in Belfast have blighted her existence and ruined her relationships and now she wants to set the record straight. This is a gripping thriller that takes Roisin from New York to a small island off the Southern tip of Ireland as she hunts down the terrorist turned politician, Brian Lonergan. Beginning with brilliant opening chapters and great attention to detail such as referring to the “plastic slices of Galtee” Neary develops the four main characters and the reader is pulled into story immediately. Switching back to the early 70’s Belfast Neary paints the scene in graphic detail whether that’s in their home waiting for the knock on the door to the terror everyone felt at that time. With a fast paced ending back on Lamb Island this is a book I’ll be recommending when it is published in March.


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