rattleWow sums up this brilliant and creepy thriller from Fiona Cummins. Opening with a chilling first chapter you are totally gripped from the start.

Cummins has a brilliant style taking you to the heart of the families involved, their troubles, secrets before their lives are torn apart with child abduction’s.

Clara is the daughter of Amy and Miles Foyle who live in South London and who is taken by The Bone Collector in the school playground – every parent’s nightmare. The Foyles are a troubled family and as the chase for the murderer develops we see inside the family and its troubles are laid bare. Shortly afterwards Jakey, a sick child of Erdman and Lilith Firth is kidnapped and so the chase intensifies.

I loved the writing style, her prose and enjoyed how the reader is pulled into the characters leaving you with the feeling that non-are guilty and you might feel sorry for them, but someone is abducting the children.

The story opens on a Friday and then we follow a time line split between days and times. The detective, Etta Fitzroy, in charge of solving the murders comes with her own baggage and demons which she struggles with as she to find a breakthrough in the case. As the reader, you know who the killer and this adds to the suspense.

In parts I should say that the writing was graphic and to be honest I might have skipped the odd paragraph – bit like closing my eyes during some parts of The Missing. Cummins leaves very few clues for the reader to guess the murderer and you will read the last quarter of the book holding your breath as the search narrows.

The writing is beautiful with some great passages such as A surly darkness had staked its claim on the room, the threads of twilight spooling through the window long vanquished. Great writing and if you want a thriller that’s a classic page turner, this is it.

The words I’ll be using to recommend people read this book are “chilling, holds your breath, clever, creepy, gripping, a must read”.

Pan Macmillan/9781509812264/£12.99

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