ragdollAny book that has one body but six murders needs to be written at a pace and Ragdoll does that brilliantly. It has action, a conflicted detective where at one crime scene when he cannot find the right clothes turns up in a t-shirt and shorts, humour and a brilliant plot line.

The story begins on 28th June 2014 and then follows the investigation a day at a time. Fawkes is built slowly as a character leaving the reader to think that this is the beginning of a series – which I for one am happy about. The characters are well developed and you are pulled into their relationships making them feel real and as the reader you have an interest in them.

The two lead detectives are Wolf and Baxter although there is an interesting team formed around them. Detective William ‘Wolf’ Fawkes and his former partner Detective Helen Baxter of the London Met investigate the case of a murderer who has stitched dismembered parts of 6 victims together to form a ‘ragdoll’. I challenge you to spot the ending in this excellent debut thriller, intriguing and unexpected twist at the end.

Orion/9781409168744 /£12.99


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