It might seem crazy to read this book during the Covid-19 pandemic and maybe it was. However, I found this an absolutely gripping read. Mark’s writing style is engaging, humorous and additive. In Notes From An Apocalypse Mark sets out to meet and to understand people who believe the world is ending and are preparing for it.

Mark begins with a lovely tale of how his uncle explains the potential disaster for Ireland if the Cold War escalates, using two clementine’s. I feel his uncle has a lot to answer now. It appears that since then Mark has been thinking the world will end and worries about it. Now married with a child he embarks on finding people who have prepared for the end of the world. And it turns out there are many of them, who knew I ask. I may be naïve, but I was astonished at the level of preparation many of these people go to.

There are many revelations in the book about people’s behaviours and beliefs. None more so then the tech billionaires and how they are preparing for the end of the world. Their “take over” of huge areas of land in New Zealand is astonishing.  One of the most disturbing but fascinating parts of the book is when Mark is talking about these people and their drive to reach Mars. These people are not just pushing the boundaries of space travel they are looking to set up a new America on Mars, as their forefathers did when colonizing America.

I found myself googling as I read the book and have now become familiar with words such as preppers and haul videos. Fascinating, informative and reading the book has helped me understand the thinking of some people during this pandemic