A book that I’ve recently read and loved is My Coney Island Baby by Billy O’Callaghan.  . 

What’s the book about 

On a bitterly cold winter’s afternoon, Michael and Caitlin escape their unhappy marriages to keep an illicit rendezvous. Once a month, for the past quarter of a century, Coney Island has been their haven. 

These precious, hidden hours are their only nourishment. But now, amid the howling of an angry snowstorm, the shut-down, out-of-season resort feels like the edge of the world. And their lives, suddenly, are on the brink – with news of serious illness on one side, and a move to the Midwest on the other. And so, after half a lifetime spent in secret, certain long-avoided facts need to be faced, consequences examined, decisions made, and – perhaps – chances finally taken. 

Why Did I like My Coney Island Baby?

The story is set all in one afternoon on Coney Island when Michael and Caitlin meet for their monthly rendezvous. They both know in their heart and soul that this is likely to be the last time they’ll meet. As the story progresses we are taken back through their lives, through their marriages and what their individual relationships are with their partners. O’Callaghan carries this off brilliant and makes the story feel quite raw at times. With only the two main character this is an intense read yet hugely enjoyable and entertaining. It reads like a drama and I could see this story turned into a play at some point. I would definitely recommend adding this to your to be read pile and spending a weekend engrossed in what is an excellent book.

Published on 17th January by Jonathan Cape and available to order at your local bookshop. If they do not have the book in stock they’ll be able to order it and have it ready for collection within a day or so.

Jonathan Cape/£14.99/9781787330917 

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