At first glance this fascinating book might seem like a read only for parents. However, having read it and heard Sarah-Jayne talk about her findings I would suggest it is a read for everyone. I found it hugely enlightening to read and recognize the issues and traumas I experienced as a teenager.

Written with clarity and clear explanations of how the teenage brain works, grows and impacts our future being it is a brilliant and surprising easy read. I was lucky enough to organize and hear Sarah-Jayne talk about her findings and it was enthralling. She explains what make the teenage brain different and does it in such a way that you go “oh yes I totally remember that experience”. She shares with you her findings as to why a suddenly easy-going child becomes a challenging teenage, often overnight. Critically she also explores why it is that many mental illnesses – depression, addiction, schizophrenia – begin during these formative years.

One of the great aspects of the book is that she shows clear ways in which as a parent you can deal with the teenagers in your life and that it can be easy. A must-read book for everyone.


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