good-me-bad-meA brilliantly sinister and unsettling thriller from the start that’s will have you thinking long after you put it down.

Milly Barnes’s mother is a serial killer and after the ninth child is murder in their home she contacts the police to alert them. With a new name, foster family and identity she begins a new life… or does she? That’s the thought that will be in the back of your mind as you read this excellent psychological thriller.

Milly is living with her foster parents, Mike and Saskia along with their daughter, Phoebe in a well to do area, attending a private school and receiving psychological support from Mike. She struggles to fit in the school and the home life a situation made worse by Phoebe’s jealousy of her and the attention her father pays to Milly.

As the story develops and Milly needs to testify against her mother, albeit behind a screen the tension builds and the court scenes are excellent. It’s additive and compelling in a plot full of unlikable characters yet you cannot stop reading it.

Michael Joseph/9780718182922/£12.99

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