GoldEsper and Starn are twin boys who live in a grim world that has been almost laid waste by massive volcanic explosions. This is a world controlled by the Sagittars with every moment watched over in a manner that Orwell would have been proud to imagine.

Very little grows on their island, which used to be a fruit-growing area, but with the death of insects and birds, pollination of the fruit trees is a tedious and precarious undertaking. When the boys discover an intriguing old manuscript in a locked room in their apartment, which tells of gold on one of the forbidden islands the people can see from the coastline, they determine to go on gold-hunt.

To leave the island Esper and Starn construct a glider to take them across the sea in search of the gold. Those begins a classic adventure story of children v adults, children v elements and facing challenges and potential death on several occasions. Treasure is discovered at the end but not quite what they imagined.

Mills writes with an ease, captures the voices of the young boys really well, with an engaging tone that will appeal to any reader of 8+  I thoroughly enjoyed Gold, enjoyed the joining the boys on their adventure as they battled again many elements including people. Gold raises lots of situations that should trigger healthy discussions between younger readers and adults. Highly recommended for a summer read which can be enjoyed by all the family.

Little Island/9781910411551/£7.99

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