Looking for super courtroom drama to read? Look no further than Fifty, Fifty by Steve Cavanagh.
His writing is getting better and better with each book. I really like the element of drama he builds, as he creates a gripping read. I like his style of developing characters, its not to flowery or sentimental yet not too brutal or impossible to believe.
Fifty Fifty is the latest featuring Eddie Flynn, a very likeable character. These books can be read as standalone, but I am sure once you have read one, you will be back to the bookshops to buy all Eddie Flynn crime novels.
The story opens as the jury is about to give their verdict in the murder trial of Frank Avellino. With one call from Sofia and the second from her twin, Alexandra. Each girl has been charged individually with the murder of their father and both blame each other. We then go back three months starting with the 911 transcripts.
The story is pacy, engaging, intelligent and best of all unpredictable. Each chapter is told from the viewpoint of one of the main characters. I really like this format in a crime novel as it keeps you guessing as to who killed Frank Avellino.
The girls are unlikeable characters but intriguing. One twin self-harm and the other is the perfect daughter… to all intents and purposes. What Cavanagh does brilliantly is write about unlikeable characters, yet I was fascinated to know who committed the murder – they both could not have…
He builds up the characters wonderfully, the story is atmospheric, and the plot has tension. There are some terrific passages such as in the police station and the DA’s office are great. I really enjoyed the interaction between Stone and Flynn, Stone and Ford as well as both with Dreyer. Then halfway through the story it moves into the courtroom and this is where Cavanagh’s writing really comes into its own. He is great when writing the storyline of the individuals in the courtroom.
Available now in all good bookshops.