Rosita Boland for many years and maybe still does feels more comfortable being elsewhere. In this delightful memoir she shares the story of nine journeys from nine different moments in her life, ELSEWHERE reveals how exploring the world – and the people she met along the way – can dramatically shape the course of life.

Her stories are as much about the place as the people she meets. In London she buys, through Loot, bookshelves from Margaret and Henry. I, like Rosita, would love to know what happen to them, did they move back to the country, how many more people bought items from them and I would not be surprised if someone else who bought from them reads this book and remembers them.

Rosita Boland Elsewhere

She makes the people encountered along her travels like friends for us all. Her comfort in travelling and being elsewhere is evident but you don’t get the feeling that she doesn’t love home. It’s just that many times she likes being elsewhere. I reallly liked her writing style and the ease with which she tells the story.

Some of the stories are hair raising such as when she is setting out from Gilgit without a proper map. Everyone else is nervous but not Rosita unless that’s when travelling on the Indus highway going around a rockfall!

There is an addictive nature to the book, if you love travelling or indeed have always wanted to but never had the courage this book will make you book those tickets. I have always been interested in travelling to Antarticia and Rosita has woken my enthusiasm again. If you are planning a holiday or a travel adventure this is the ideal book to pack in the rucksack and you’ll feel like Rosita is your travel companion.

Doubleday Ireland/9781781620496/£14.99