A Place Called Winter is the story of Harry Cane, set in A Place a young man in Edwardian England. Left with a sizeable inheritance, Harry follows tradition, marrying and raising a young child. A passionate affair, however, forces Harry into exile, separated from all that he knows, and forced to try his hand as a farmer in the plains of Canada.

This is the first historical novel from Gale and somehow does no read like a historical novel, at least not in the dusty style. This is a fresh style that engages you from the start.

It is a sweeping novel in which every word has a place, Gale captures scenes brilliantly, such as when Harry and his younger brother are first introduced to the brothers or when Notty entertains the whole family at the variety performance. As the reader you do feel for Harry as his life takes the twists and turns, he is ultimately a nice person and you want him to succeed and find true love that he can be with.

Patrick Gales poetic prose describes the Canadian landscape in brilliant detail and you feel you are looking out a window at the landscape. This is an atmospheric, sweeping novel of epic proportions with strong, mostly likable characters and well developed plot. A Place Called Winter is novel that whilst set in the early part of the 20th century the story line could be set in 2015.

One of the best novels I have read in many months and I cannot wait to be able to hand sell it customers.

Headline/Tinder Press/9781472205292/£16.99/Hardback

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