Loosely based on the Lord Lucan case this is very clever read in which Flynn Berry vividly re-imagines one of the most notorious crimes of the 20th century.

Claire is a hardworking GP in Archway and believes she sees her father around every corner and is totally obsessed with finding him. She stalks his old friends, watching them and searching for him on the internet. Her brother who she feels responsible for was only 14 months old when their father murdered their mother but he is traumatised and now addicted to Tramadol.

The tension through the story line is slowly developed in a style I like and as a reader you do feel for Claire. There is a good balance between showing her as a victim and potentially being a possible murderer. Berry builds up the plot brilliantly when Claire is invited by Alice, the daughter of her father’s best friend, to her parents house. This was the last place Claire’s father was seen alive. As Claire explores the house looking to find traces of her father you are totally engrossed in the story.

As she closes in on his whereabouts the story really become a classic page turning thriller. The suspense is excellent and keep you engaging right until the amazing twist at the end.

A clever retake on a real life crime that many already know about which for me would be a highly recommended read.



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